"...Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures."

- R. M. Rilke.


Individual Counseling – working with an array of therapeutic approaches to fit the needs of each individual, Lennie provides a safe and caring atmosphere in which clients can make concrete changes, both personally and in relationship with others.

Cognitive Therapy – Lennie utilizes cognitive therapy to help her clients change negative patterns in their thinking and replace them with positive, life-affirming beliefs and attitudes.

Jungian Psychotherapy – Lennie’s background in Jungian psychology enables her to integrate Jungian therapy in her work, which encourages clients to move beyond habitual patterns in order to live fuller and more individuated lives.

Couples’ Counseling – Lennie draws on Imago Relationship therapy which provides proven communication and conflict resolution techniques.  In addition to assisting the partners in understanding each other better, it contributes to making their relationship more loving and fulfilling.

Presentations – Topics include managing family stresses, mid-life changes and challenges, communication and conflict resolution, positive discipline, coping with separation and divorce, adult children of alcoholics, understanding your dreams, and more…

Dream Interpretation Groups – Participants meet weekly for eight sessions to share and interpret their dreams.  This is a group process for discovering your own inner wisdom and finding your own path to a life of meaning and joy.

Enneagram Groups – Participants meet weekly for six sessions to discern their personality types and work with their own unique styles to achieve positive change in their lives.

Self-Study Groups – Participants meet bi-weekly for eight sessions and use psychological literature to facilitate their self-development and self-understanding.