"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are...That's the journey"

- Joseph Campbell


“Lennie is an insightful, highly skilled and energetic therapist whose own light shines through her work.  She has a deep understanding of the human condition and has a sensitive approach to assisting her clients.”

- Geri Kelly, M.A.
  Licensed Psychologist

“Lennie Perrott is a gifted and dynamic teacher.  Her Enneagram classes are insightful and inspiring.  She brings depth of soul, humor and compassion to her work and to her teachings.

- Joan Olson, M. S.
  Reiki Practitioner

“I experience Lennie Perrott as a wonderfully balanced therapist.  She is intelligent, adept and authentically curious about her clients’ lives.  Lennie’s support of clients and colleagues is heartwarming.”

- Elisa Lang, Ph.D.
  Licensed Psychologist

“After attending a tremendous workshop on ‘Separation and Divorce’ presented by Lennie Perrott, I came away with HOPE.  As a psychologist Lennie’s words and recommendations were the beginning of my healing.” 

- Suzanne Schoenhut
  Certified Reflexologist

“Lennie’s experience in the Jungian approach, her warmth and her knowledge of personality patterns uniquely qualify her to be of real help.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a psychotherapist.”  

- Sarah Aschenbach, Inspired Solutions & The Enneagram
  Institute of Philadelphia

“In the more than fifteen years I have known Lennie, I have always been impressed with the energy, care and concern she gives her clients.  She is an exceptionally committed therapist.”

- Richard Levoli, Ph.D., CBHE
  Licensed Psychologist